zareenyn (zareenyn) wrote in lj_india,

I am really jonesing for some brisket and Brunswick stew and spicy-sweet barbeque sauce.  Here in India, I've come across all sorts of foods, but not the aforementioned items.  As a kid, there were things I'd miss when we traveled--summer holidays--but surprisingly, as an adult, most of those cravings have diminished.  Maybe due to a maturing palate?

I also find it a bit weird that people who consider themselves "foodies" or "gourmands" know so little about Indian food.  I remember as a child arguing with one of my teachers about curry.  She insisted that it was that powdered stuff you get in the supermarket, while I told her--rather emphatically--that it was the term for the gravy that is in various Asian cuisines.  This went on to the point where my teacher reported me to the principle and a phone call to my mother was threatened.  This would have been in 4th or 5th grade, so maybe I was trying to bite off a bit more than I could chew?  In any case, I had my mom communicate CLEARLY with the teacher that I was right.  

Having a spat with a teacher of this nature is rather precocious and my children are NOT encouraged to do the same.  I suppose it's an instance of do as I say.....

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