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A community for Indian literature

Hello everyone!  I am part of a new community on Indian Literature - the first and only community on LJ talking about literature from India, South Asia and the diaspora. We'd like to have new members joining up for discussion, sharing their favourite books/authors and all kinds of general fanning.

Indian Literature isn't an official community or representative of any organisation. We creators/moderators are, like everyone else, just people who like (or dislike) their books. We won't moderate anything except hurtful/insulting/harrassing posts... and oh, posting your own creative writing. There are other communities for that, india_writing  being quite good among them. Indian Literature was created because we'd like to have a place where we can talk about books, authors, literary trends and such things. If you're into making icons, headers and other art, that's welcome too! 

Also, while the community is quite generically called Indian Literature, we're quite open to talking about all South Asian and diasporic literature. We'll be talking about literature in regional languages. We'll be talking about fiction and chicklit and comics and poetry. No restrictions. 

See you there at indianlit . Hoping to have a great time interacting! :)


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