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LJ_India Page Design Contest

Contest: To create a page design for the LJ_India community

 Who can participate: Anyone. You just have to be a LJ_India member.

 Brief for the contest: LJ_India is an active hub for all Indian users of LiveJournal, as well as all LiveJournal users interested in India. It is here that LiveJournal members can get updates on various India communities like new initiatives, interesting prompts, upcoming contests and much more.

Members of the community also participate and suggest ideas & improvements, ask questions, post queries, garner insights from other LJ users or just find friends with similar interests.

To participate in the contest, you have to create a design for the LJ_India community page which depicts the essence of the community accurately.

To give you an idea of what a community page should look like, click on the below communities –





The Design:

  1. The page design is required to be submitted in jpeg format (not more than 1MB). If required, we will contact you for the psd format on the email id you shared with us.
  2. The design must include a top banner and side bars, the central area must be left blank for journal entries.
  3. Along with the page design, you need to submit two or more userpics for the community page as well. These image(s) are to be submitted in jpeg format too (not more than 1MB). Remember that the page design and the userpic must thematically correspond.     
  4. Please feel free to refer to the above community journals.

Award: The best design will win an Amazon gift voucher worth 100 USD and a LJ paid account. The design would also go live on the LJ_India community page and will be suitably credited to you.

The Jury:

How do you enter: All you have to do is create the community page design and mail the jpeg format of the design to

Deadline for submission: Entries will be accepted till midnight of Friday 28th February, 2009 (IST). The winner will be announced within a fortnight of the closing date of the contest.

People’s Choice: Once the contest has been closed on 28th February, 2008, all members of LJ_India will have the opportunity to choose their favourite page design through a People’s Choice Vote. The winner of the People’s Choice will win a LJ paid account.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Remember to become a member of LJ India before submitting your entries, or else the entry will not be considered.
  2. While submitting the entries, please share the following details:

·         Name:

·         E-mail id:

·         Contact #:

·         Address:

·         Your LJ username:

  1. All submissions will be accepted at the sole discretion of the organizers. They are not obliged to offer any explanation for the inclusion or exclusion of your design.
  2. The decision of the jury is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entertained regarding the jury’s decision.
  3. The LiveJournal design team reserves the right to edit the winning page design to be suitable for uploading on the community page.
  4. The winner will be directly contacted through the e-mail id that they have shared with us.
  5. Entries must be your own, original work, and previously unpublished anywhere, in print or online.
  6. Multiple entries are permitted. However, do not duplicate entries; we will delete all copies if required.
  7. There is no entry fee.
  8. If the jury feels that the design or the response is not up to the expected standard, they can withdraw the contest anytime and are not obliged to offer any explanation. A notice to this effect will be given on the LJ_India community page.
  9. Submissions remain the intellectual property of the entrants, but by submitting an entry, you give the organisers permission to use your entry, with acknowledgement, but with no payment to you, in their websites and as part of press releases (where they may be reproduced by media organisations).

Please post your suggestion and comments here.



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