Sandy (sandy_tr) wrote in lj_india,

BSNL Internet

This is a question for all BSNL Broadband users.

I want to apply for the Broadband connection offered by BSNL. But I am not able to decide which modem to choose.

1) Should I buy my own modem or take the one provided by BSNL?

2) If I decide to buy my own modem then which modem is a better one (Company and model number would be helpful), how do I configure the modem that I own. Will the installation guys come and configure it?

3) If I take the modem from BSNL, should I opt for rental or out right purchase?

4) Which type of modem should I take, if I am opting to take the modem from BSNL:
Type - I
Type - II
Type - III
Type - IV
Whats the difference between them all ?

Suggestions like don't go for BSNL connection is not valid, since BSNL is the last option I have got. I have tried every other connection and every thing sucks, especially Wi-MAX.

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