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india_writing update: We have the Quick-Tales winners!

Hi All

I have pleasant news, so let me not indulge in pleasant talk :)

The judges have given us the much-awaited, celebrated winners of the Quick-Tales contest we held for the india_writing community, and we are keen on having some pomp-and-show around the annoucements too! So, we'll be letting the news out on the 18th of November, 2008 at Oxford Book Store, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. We warmly invite all our members to a short-story reading session by Suhel Seth, who will, of course, be reading from the winning entries. The event details are
here and we'd like all of you who can make it to register at the soonest!

Also, present to highlight LiveJournal's progress in India and share thoughts on supporting self-publishing through social-media platforms will be Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, Director of Corporate Development,

All of you, who cannot be present, have no cause to despair. We'll be updating you about the event on-the-go. We are hoping that this would be the first of many such off-line meets through which this community will grow and share some beautiful writing in times to come. :)

Just to remind you all, the people's poll is coming to a close tonight as well, and the winner would be announced at the event.

Hoping to see all of you there. :)


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