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Welcome to the official LiveJournal India community

Yes, we are here and delighted to be so.  LiveJournal is looking to expand even further across the globe and we want to get moving in India.
Indian users of LiveJournal have always been a lively community and we want it to help it grow.
You may have noticed some changes to LiveJournal since SUP, its new owners, took on the service last December.  We have increased site speed, fixed bugs, introduced new editorial sections, developed a new area to experiment with cool content and launched an advisory board to guide the platform.
Now, the LiveJournal ball has been rolling for some time in India, we don’t want to get in its way, just simply help it down (or up) the hill! This official Indian LiveJournal community has been launched to build a dialogue with the growing number bloggers and readers in India. We want you to have a greater voice in the features which we offer; we want to know the changes that you’d like us to make and the services you would like us to launch; how we can support you; and how we can make LiveJournal in India better and bigger.
Tell us your priorities - which LiveJournal products you like, the tools you use most (and least). Share your thoughts on how we could go about developing content on the site and promoting it in India.
For instance, would you prefer more language support? Would more translation services be useful? Should we be integrating with other platforms and services, how would you use more mobile applications, and more widgets?
This community will help us take our engagement 360 degrees. You already talk to each other, we'd like you to talk to us, and we'll listen and respond.  Use the comments section in this community or join it and post views yourself.
We'll get in touch with those of you who want to see new stuff and we're hoping to have a get together in July with the team from SUP to discuss this further.  Over the next few days and weeks we will be making a few more posts, looking to generate more feedback and build a stronger relationship with you all.
We're all ears at LiveJournal India - join in and spread the good word around.
LJ India
P.S. The folks at SUP are working with Team Blogworks, a social media consultancy to kick-start LiveJournal India, they’ll be leading this in collaboration with SUP.

P.P.S. wpbenjamin is my LiveJournal username, I oversee marketing, research, communications and a few other things for SUP, we're based in Moscow (LiveJournal in Russia is HUGE) and we had a great visit to India earlier this month.

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