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Hello friends!

Hiya Friends,

I am new to this community. I hope it is OK to write this kind of an entry, so please let me know if it is not.

I work best with points, so here it goes:

1) I am really excited to be part of this community. I am glad LJ is focussing on India. I believe there are several Indian members of LJ and I want the number to grow. I am really excited to have a forum to interface with fellow Indians and talk about various issues concerning (or not concerning) our country.

2) I am slightly unclear about the scope of this community. What do you discuss here? I mean we are Indians all right but we are people first and as we know from the multitude of accounts and communities on LJ, people have a lot of different types of issues to discuss. Is it alright to have just one community to include all of that? I mean we can discuss politics, society, religion, sports, entertainment, music, life, and so on and so forth. Wouldn't it  be better to have a bunch of communities under the overall India umbrella? Or to revive and group such communities where the exist? After all we don't have a single LJ_USA community.

3) Until (and unless) the above happens, is it OK to write anything - political rants, philosophical insights, random chitchat etc. in this community? If not what are the guidelines to stick to while posting to this community?

Glad to meet you all friends, look forward to hearing for you :)


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