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New Communities on India Front

Hi Friends

Hope you are well.

While the judges at india_writing are hand-picking the best from the fantastic 1,052 responses for the Quick Tales Contest; the community is thriving with dialogue and creative works by its members. And in the meanwhile, we’ve been working at many other things too!

As promised, we have a series of attractive presents in the satchel :). And here’s introducing some of those initiatives to you:

·         us_election2008 – Introduced this past weekend, this is a LiveJournal partner community dedicated to the discussion of personalities that participate in, and issues that pertain to the impending US elections.  Of its many partners, Mint is the India media representative. The idea behind this community is for journalists to pose questions and thoughts to be responded and reviewed by LiveJournal users. This platform seeks to enable bringing people’s voice and opinion to the fore. Do check it out, and feel free to send us your insights and suggestions on the same.


·         bollywoodclub – In partnership with zoOm TV, this community has been conceived as the official blogging platform for their reality show by the same name. The format of the show revolves around strugglers with individual stories to tell. Their stories, via blog entries, video and images will be powered by Zoom on the LiveJournal Idea Bollywood Club partner channel.


·         india_travels – Our most nascent project, india_travels is a perfect pit-stop for anyone who has or wishes to travel anywhere in and around India. The community would serve those who have been somewhere and want to share their anecdotes, those who want to at some point in the future and are seeking tips; an adventure enthusiast looking for fellows like themselves as well any curious travelling mind too lazy for travel himself. For this community, we have partnered with Kunzum, and seek to instill some more fun through a travel contest soon. So check it out and let’s warm up towards that too. :)


You’ll keep hearing from us on the progress with these specific communities, updates, announcements, et al. But we’d love it if you also step in and tell us what you’d like us to work on – be it suggestions for these existing ones, or any other ideas that you may have.

The very purpose for lj_india is to share happenings and garner insights from LiveJournal’s India users, as well as those deeply interested in India. All your thoughts are welcome :).

Waiting to hear from y’all,


Team Blogworks for LiveJournal

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