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India_Writing: Quick Tales Contest Update

Hello all

The Quick Tales Flash-Fiction Contest submissions wrapped up this past week. We want to thank all of you for the great response to the contest. We’ve received a total of 1052 valid entries :)

As we speak, the Caferati editors are busily sifting through the entries to give us a short-list; after which the jury steps in to rate the short-listed stories and come up with a set of finalists, and then the winners. To all of you who submitted entries, good luck! Do share your feedback about what you thought of the contest.

That’s not it; we want all members to have a voice as well. Through a poll that all of you could participate in, we’d like to arrive at a special People’s Choice Prize winner. Do keep checking the india_writing community for updates on that.

Even though the contest is coming to a close, the community’s journey is just beginning. LiveJournal intends it to become a new home on the web for great India writing. And it's up to you folks, the steadfast veterans as well as the founder members, to set the pace.

So, please post your original writing—any style, any genre—to the community for comments and feedback. And don't stop at that. Go visit the pages of fellow members of this community (you can find them by visiting the community's profile-page, and scrolling down to the "Members" section) and say hello, get to know each other, become friends; as well as share links to the writing community with your existing friends.  

We had promised to you more and more India-centred activity on LiveJournal in coming times. And we are keeping that word! We should be back with an update on some of these initiatives real soon. Meanwhile, if you all are having a LiveJournal event somewhere, do keep us posted.

Have fun, and keep writing!

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