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01 September 2008 @ 04:48 pm
Quick! Tell us a tale  

HI Friends!

How goes life?                                                                            

Well for us, it’s beginning to get exciting in this side of town :). You’ve all heard about the LiveJournal-Caferati Quick Tales Flash-Fiction Contest. The response has been great, and we are getting more and more entries by the moment. Have you submitted one yet? Oh and even if you have, why not submit one more, or two maybe! Unless you spam us by sending us the same story over and over again, we’d be this upbeat, and some more :).

100 of the selected entries stand a chance of getting published, not to mention the delicious cash prizes for the top 5. All you need is some imagination and an India address! But you’ve got time only till midnight, 7th of September, so tell us a quick tale and do it fast!!

Also, do help us spread the word…tell your friends, post it on your blogs, or push it on any other relevant communities that you may members of.

Until next time…when we’ll be back with the goodies ;)


Team Blogworks for LiveJournal

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